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Schedule and Structure and Routine — ADD Tip o the Day 455

Homey and Scott raised good questions about coping with ADD ADHD.  These questions are especially interesting to me since I’m struggling with the same issues, because I’ve just retired and have lost my schedule and much of my structure, and, coincidentally, am dealing with menopause (yes, in myself – long story).

Not all of you have just retired, but you can apply these concepts  to your own circumstance, especially regarding structure and  routine and changes, which can disrupt everything.

I thought that when I retired I’d have lots of leisure time, and could just do what I felt like doing whenever I felt like doing it, follow any whim.  WRONG!

There’s very few things I have to do, some things I need to do, and lots and lots of things I want to do.  With my schedule and routine gone, I’ve been bouncing around from one thing to another, getting some things done, but not really getting anywhere.

So far I have learned:

1. I can’t do it all.  Ex: on the guitar, I want to learn some songs, and the fretboard, and how to play jazz, and the 7th chords for jazz, , and new strums, and master the great free lessons on Youtube, and complete the three courses that I’ve bought over the years, and—–.

Need to organize and prioritize.  Can I learn two songs, and work on the fretboard, and maybe follow one of the Youtube courses?  That may be too much.

I’m currently working on four books, need to choose one.

2. Even retired, I don’t have time for distractions.  Caught myself writing reviews of books I’d read, on Amazon.  I stopped –  “Why am I doing this?”  Nothing wrong with it, but what was it getting me?  Had other things to do (guitar for example).

3. Need routine.  Have some – prayer time when first get up, then e mails, then breakfast and newspaper (can skim most of it, not required to read every word.)  Then exercise.

There’s  a little time left before lunch, so how to use it?  Would that be a good time to do the Spanish lesson?  or work on the blog?  or practice the guitar? do book marketing? writing? Need to choose, so as to make more routine. (Because I have ADD.)

Again, I realized I can’t do it all.  So I made a tentative schedule (on the back of an envelope).  Commit to doing the blog on Mon, Wed, Sat; the guitar on Tues, Th, Sat; writing on Tues, Fri; finances on Sat.   I may do some of those at anytime, but I’m committed to doing them on those days.

Of course: 1. things come up, and I may not be able to do the commitment on some days, but this is a structure.     2. still need to decide when in the day for those things.

Coming up, more on strategies for this, and more on the new New York Times article, and lots more, and, and –  wait a minute!!!!  This is what I’m talking about (but I will get to it).


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Eating this delicious quiche quickly became a priority.

adhd and menopause  clik

the have done non list from lucy  clik

this one addresses menopause and ADHD at the end   clik

really good list of many of our common but less often mentioned symptoms (man or woman, menopausal or not, retired or not)  clik

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Strategies For Using Strategies for ADD ADHD — ADD Tip o the Day 454

Are you using strategies for your ADD ADHD problems?

Strategies are the key to living better with ADD ADHD, though medication (ritalin, adderall, antidepressant) can be very helpful. For one thing, it can help us focus enough so that we can use strategies.

But, sometimes it’s hard to come up with good strategies, or we forget to use them, or we find them hard to implement, or we’re too demoralized before we start to even start.

So, we can need strategies to help us use strategies:

We need to identify a problem, and one that causes us enough trouble that it’s worth working on.  It needs to be a small specific problem.  One lady is writing that her problem is that she’s distractable.  Well, yes, that is ADD ADHD.  And there can be strategies for that, but usually it’s better to come up with a more specific target – “I get distracted in the morning and forget to brush my teeth.”

If you are reluctant to try, for any of the above reasons (“Oh, I’ve tried before and it didn’t work for me.”), then a strategy is to try a two week experiment, not a life long contract.  Or, if that’s too much, try a one week experiment.

Get help.  Enlist your sig other or a friend or coworker, or even on the net (see links below).   They can monitor you or encourage you or remind you  or help you figure out strategies, or even help you figure out how they can help.  You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Make a list of significant problems, then pick three of the most troubling, then break them down into small specific problems (if you haven’t already), and then pick one (that’s ONE) to work on.  You’re not going to change your whole life (or what you have had for a lifetime) right away, but you are going to make it better, one step at a time.

There is yet another New York Times article on medications for ADD ADHD, and what they see as over use.  For next time (hopefully).

What topics would you like to see next?  I’m soliciting suggestions, requests, comments and reviews.  Have had great responses from Homey and Scott – Thank You!  Will get to them soon.


clik Jenna’s good posts on ADD issues, including transitions

add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention,deficit

Life can be peaceful..

clik Alan on memory aids – good!

clik from kiera, wonderful photos!  look!

clik  some good strategies

support:              ADDerworld    clik                                     ADDforums     clik

Quote o the Day:  White hair is a sign of wisdom, if you keep your mouth shut.

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Did It Again, Again — ADD Tip o the Day 453

Life with ADD ADHD!

It was the same thing again, but different.  This time it wasn’t about losing my glasses.

We were volunteering at the shelter; my job was to take care of the name tags. They gave  me a little box of tags along with a black marker, and I was instructed at length about where to put them when I was done.  Clearly they were important.

Things went OK, and I wasn’t very busy and I had just written a guy’s name on the tag for him and given him his sleeping bag and I thought I deserved a cookie (I’d been able to resist their call so far, but was standing too close to them).  You see where this is going?

OK, I enjoyed the cookie, and it’s possible I even had another one, maybe, you think? and then it was time to go back to work, and, of course, I couldn’t find the box of tags.

I looked on the chair where I’d been sitting before. Nope. Then in the closet where the sleeping bags are.  Nope.  Then on the tables near the closet.  And all over the floor.  And back over where the cookies were.  No tags.

I walked back to where the boss was, to admit I’d lost them and see if anyone had maybe turned them in?

That’s when I noticed that the Box with the Tags and the Black Ink Marker were in my right hand.

Oh, my.

Of course, I’d never thought to look there.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?


You may have noticed that this isn’t a strategy, but I did make a strategy about losing my glasses – now I always look first on my face (not on the top of my head, no, I mean on my nose!).

if you have a significant other with ADD or ADHD, this is important – from Melissa Orlov  clik

wonderful survey of history of ADD ADHD from mike  clik

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It stands out like a sore thumb.

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Requests for your help — for ADD Tip o the Day in 2014

I am asking for your input-

What new topics would you like addressed here?  

Any you like addressed again?

Any changes you would recommend?

Remember that I love your comments, Thank You!

and that you can share with the little buttons at the bottom (that was news to me).

and the reviews for the two books keep coming, very grateful for those.      clik         clik

Lets start off 2014 together on a great positive note!


Quote o the day – “It’s a great life, if you don’t weaken.”

from Jenna clik  

great bad ADD idea   clik

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a new beginning

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Thank you to all who follow the blog and special thanks to all who comment.  As well of course to all who have purchased one of the books and especially to those who have reviewed it.  And to those who have shared it with the little buttons at the bottom.

Continue on to see the commenters hall of fame.  I love comments.

And a very very happy and blessed new year to each and every one.


Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

jeg’s good start to a good new year  clik


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Information About ADD ADHD and Red Flags — ADD Tip o the Day 452

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to educate yourself about ADD ADHD.  Become an expert.

How do you do that?

I could recommend some books, but modesty restrains me.  There is also a lot of information on the net, and there are good support groups, like ADDerworld, and groups on Reddit and ADDforums, where you can find information and get questions answered.

Unfortunately, of course some of the information is not of  good quality.                             OK, some of it is crap.

How can you tell?

Red Flags, caution:

1. If they ask you for money (except for some books of course).

2. If it sounds too good to be true.  Or too weird.  (Did you know you can cure prostate cancer by drinking large amounts of cabbage juice?  Then isn’t it surprising that anybody has it?)

3. If it is way out of the mainstream – if you only find these facts on one site, and if they seem to go against what else you read, they may be a little known truth from an innovative thinker whose insight has been suppressed by the medical establishmentwhich wants everyone to keep having severe ADD problems so that the doctors can get even richer, but it’s unlikely.  Occasionally an outlying opinion turns out to be right, like H Pylori causing ulcers, but the odds are not good.

4. If they promise or guarantee, “This will work for you!”  Everyone is different and there is no one size fits all (tho I will guarantee that every ADDer needs some form of appointment book and to do list, and needs to know how to use them).  But what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa.


don't be scared, just cautious.

don’t be scared, just cautious.

ADDerworld  clik

Reddit  clik

ADDforums   clik

another NYT article, on supplements clik

Quote o the Day:  Every absurdity has a champion who defends it.

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New York Times on ADD ADHD part 2 – ADD Tip o the Day 451

First, blessed Christmas to all, ADD ADHD or not.

I recall the advent of Xanax (alprazolam), a very dangerous med that exploded onto the market, and which differs from the safer meds of its class (benzodiapine anti anxieties) only in being extremely more addictive and having extremely more money spent on advertising, some of it misleading.  So now we are wondering about the ADD ADHD medications.

The NYT article discusses false advertising, excessive advertising, physicians being coopted by pharma companies.  I think all of these are valid points.

There have been changes: limits on what benefits a physician can accept including the dinner forums, and disclosures of pharma connections required when a researcher publishes.  On the down side,  pharma won’t let physicians deviate from their script now- before that, I have given these talks, and sometimes they didn’t like what I said and didn’t invite me back.

Abuse – what is the effect on people without ADD or ADHD – this isn’t clear; Are there studies of this?  clik My impression is that people can get high ( if snorting or injecting), and can stay awake to study all night, but that without ADD ADHD, the meds doesn’t improve concentration, focus or learning.  It looks like I may be wrong though.  clik  There are lots of opinions about this and I would welcome yours.  clik clik  If I had more time and could concentrate better I’d look up some real research on this.  Does anyone have more references to studies?  clik  clik

The tests for ADD ADHD in the article are to suggest the need for further evaluation, not to make the diagnosis.  Correct evaluation is important, as there are other things that can mimic ADD ADHD, like thyroid problems, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, brain tumors, etc.     clik  There are too many cases where the meds are prescribed without a careful evaluation.

The abuse potential is not clear; certainly the ritalin, aderall etc can be abused, but it seems the incidence is not very high except for the students who use it to study, which is a different kind of abuse.  clik That doesn’t mean that abuse is not a real problem.

Addiction?  It seems rare, but here is a scary story clik  because she says Adderall improved her functioning although she didn’t have  ADD ADHD and says she got addicted.

Finally, the NYT article seems to me to be slanted and sensationalized, but still to have a number of valid points.

I would be very interested in your opinion and comments.


add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,atention,deficit

Acme Insurance Co: premium collection and claims payment depts

bonus links: more on relationships from Orlov  clik

Rupa on relationships  clik

on NYT article (but why imaging?)  clik

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