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How to Use Cards, etc, for ADD ADHD — ADD Tip o the Day 460

Momma has suggested more details about using cards, lists, small steps and priorities for adult ADD ADHD.  And some other questions. This will take a few posts.

CARDS: the red card, list of five, things to be attempted today. Limit it to five or I’ll be overwhelmed and can’t figure out where to start, and will procrastinate, stagnate, and flop around in useless circles – probably flee to FreeCell. These five also need to be small things, or the same paralysis will result.

What to put on Red Card?

Not routine things!  I don’t put “brush my teeth”, or “eat lunch”.

I don’t put “practice guitar” cause I want to do that a little everyday anyway.  However, if it’s a day I’ve picked to especially devote to guitar, then I’ll put it on.  But small steps -it’s better if I particularly want to work on one thing – then “practice C scale” or “practice I Remember You”.   Less overwhelming, more specific, easier to get started.

House work?  If it’s routine, not on card.  But if Tuesday is the day to clean the kitchen, then maybe, “kitchen”. And if it’s something special, not routine, then “wax kitchen floor” for sure.

More next time.

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The Red Card

I love getting suggestions, book reviews and blog comments – Thank you, Momma.

As I complete tasks I cross them off.  I also keep re-numbering the order I more or less plan to do them in.  When the card gets full or too messy, I throw it away and start a new Red Card (if I had a better supply and wasn’t so cheap (sorry, I meant thrifty) I would use a new card every day.

Here’s the input from Momma.   clik

Short answer to a question- When everything is out of whack, start with one thing (ie one area, one problem, etc).

‘OK, but everything’s a mess.’   Yes, I know, but you’ve been living that way for a while, so you’re not gonna fix it all in one day and you need to start somewhere.


more on  lists  clik

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Bonus Site o the Day:   Orlov on bedtimes for couples   clik

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