reviews of books

Is this a rant or a whine?  You decide.

The books get some negative reviews, that’s life.  Not everybody likes broccoli. Some people just don’t like my books.  OK.

The reviews that frustrate me are the ones where they don’t seem to get the point.  I have to think that’s the fault of the author.

But I wish they could say, “I don’t like the style.” or “I think he’s stupid.’ or whatever, instead of complaining that the book is not something it was never intended to be.

Your Life Can Be Better, using strategies for adult ADD/HD is not an encyclopedia of strategies and it is not a book on how to stop losing your keys.  The strategies in there are examples of how to create and use strategies.  If some of my strategies work for you, great!  If not, you may be able to modify them so they will.  Or you may just need to create the strategies that will work for you.  The principle is:  identify a problem, design a strategy, make it a rule, stick with it until it’s a habit; your life will be better!

Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD is not a book to sit down and read or to find  ways to help your non adult children.  It is 365 tips to read one a day at your own pace.  It is meant to help you stay on track, to educate you about ADD ADHD, and to encourage you.

I wish I had made these things more clear in the books, but most people seem to get it.

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amazon reviews:

Your Life Can Be Better     Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD

Feel free to leave a review, I would appreciate it, good, bad or indifferent.   (to be honest, I prefer good, but they tell me that any publicity is good publicity.  Wish I believed that)

best wishes


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Your life can be better!







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